MTM Association Nordic

Nordic MTM Association

Is a non-profit association following Swedish laws for non-profit organisation 

Elementar Time Systems

In Nordic countries the most used system is SAM-analysis 

Stopwatch studies with pace rating.


Nordic MTM Association provide as well our member companies as non members with consulting and education. The Association was founded 1955. First trainings in MTM 1 was hold 1957 in Sweden. The Association developed MTM-2, MTM-3 and SAM-analysis together with swedish companies and national union representatives, the systems which are used around the world today. 

Unfortunately the International MTM Directorat (IMD) was dissolved 2020 meaning the reduction of international coworking in MTM area from different national interests and differences point of view. MTM systems should be open and should be possible to use of every trained instructor where ever without any restrictions in the world and national associations are responsible to train and validate all trainingmaterials.

SAM-anaysis is probably the most superior timesetting tool today due to its strength in fast for analysis, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to re-configure and update work elements.

We welcome all companies and agencies all over the world to connect with us for membership,  co operation and to our services.